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The Bible in Ethiopic

This is the Bible in Geʽez, or Classical Ethiopic, the main liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Only a few Bible books are available, as this edition is a long-term project funded within the framework of the German Academies' Programme under survey of the Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg.

The project is called Beta maṣāḥǝft: Manuscripts of Ethiopia and Eritrea and will run until 2040. It is hosted by the Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies at the University of Hamburg.

This Bible in Ethipic gives the Beta Masaheft text. This text is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. Beta Masaheft has created CTS compliant TEI XML for it (slightly changed by Brill). The resulting publication is in Open Access.

Brill Polyglot Bible is not a scholarly publication. It is a showcase of possibilities.

The aim is to collect the books of the Bible in the major languages of the ancient world and to publish them in CTS compliant TEI XML on Brill Scholarly Editions.

In this way, each Biblical passage has a persistent and unique identifier and can be retrieved. This means, for example, that a reference to a Biblical passage in a monograph or journal article can be turned into a hyperlink, so readers can review the passage and its context.

A further possibility is to connect the passages to Biblical iconography using the Iconclass classification system, so readers can go from, for example, an image of the annunciation in the Lexikon der christlichen Ikonographie Online to Luke 1:26-38 in the Brill Polyglot Bible and vice versa.

Brill Polyglot Bible is in Open Access.