Brill's Scholarly Editions

Welcome to Scholarly Editions: an interactive reading environment for text editions in the broadest sense of the word: critical editions, facsimiles, translations, and commentaries.

Text tools

What is the morphology of this word? Click the word in the highlight mode to bring up a linguistic analysis. Other text tools in the reader include a persistent identifier generator for words and phrases, and an annotation tool that shows information for specific texts. The right panel of the reader also houses utilities like the citation, download panel, and options to set text size and text width.

Parallel editions

Place a translation beside a source text. Compare versions of a text. Explore text critical remarks. Read commentaries whilst keeping an eye on the text itself. With the add parallel version feature, users can display editions and translations, texts and commentaries, beside one another in two parallel panels. Use the feature in combination with the discovery tools on the left and the text tools on the right to turn the reader into a complete virtual research environment.