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Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online is the editio maior - the authoritative critical edition - of Gregory of Nyssa's works.

Edited by Ekkehard Mühlenberg and Giulio Maspero, it is based on all available known manuscripts, introduced with a complete discussion of the textual transmission, and accompanied by extensive annotations on the biblical, classical and patristic sources, and indices.

How to use Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online

Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online consists of 60 works. Please note that De hominis opificio is still forthcoming.

Brill’s print edition of Gregorii Nysseni Opera is the editio maior of Gregory’s works. Canonical references therefore are to its page and line numbers. For that reason, this online edition maintains that structure. Lines are of the same length, and can be found on the same page, as in the print edition.


This online edition of Gregorii Nysseni Opera Opera uses CTS URNs to identify the works. For example, tlg2017.tlg001 identifies Ad Eustathium de sancta trinitate.

The prefix tlg2017 identifies the textgroup, i.e. the corpus of works with the attributed authorship of Gregory of Nyssa. The subsequent tlg001 identifies the work.

The identifiers used in these URNs were minted by the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. The TLG lists 84 works by Gregory of Nyssya (plus some doubles), whereas Gregorii Nysseni Opera Opera has 60. Moreover, The TLG identifiers for these works differ from the numbers assigned to them in the printed edition of Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online. The following table provides a concordance. Click on a column header to toggle the sort order.

List of works ordered by TLG and GNOO number

URN Work Remark GNO Number GNO title
tlg2017.tlg001 Ad Eustathium de sancta trinitate - 3 Ad Eustathium, De sancta trinitate
tlg2017.tlg002 Ad Graecos ex communibus notionibus - 4 Ad Graecos, Ex communibus notionibus
tlg2017.tlg003 Ad Ablabium quod non sint tres dei - 5 Ad Ablabium, Quod non sint tres dei
tlg2017.tlg004 Ad Simplicium de fide - 6 Ad Simplicium, De fide
tlg2017.tlg005 Adversus Arium et Sabellium de patre et filio - 7 Adversus Arium et Sabellium
tlg2017.tlg006 Adversus Macedonianos de spiritu sancto - 8 Adversus Macedonianos, De spiritu sancto
tlg2017.tlg007 Ad Theophilum adversus Apollinaristas - 9 Ad Theophilum
tlg2017.tlg008 Antirrheticus adversus Apollinarium - 10 Antirrheticus adversus Apolinarium
tlg2017.tlg009 De mortuis non esse dolendum - 34 De mortuis
tlg2017.tlg010 De beneficentia (vulgo De pauperibus amandis i) - 35 De beneficentia
tlg2017.tlg011 In illud: Quatenus uni ex his fecistis mihi fecistis (vulgo De pauperibus amandis ii) - 36 In illud: Quaternus uni ex his fecistis
tlg2017.tlg012 Contra usurarios - 37 Contra usurarios
tlg2017.tlg013 Contra fornicarios - 38 Contra fornicarios
tlg2017.tlg014 In diem luminum (vulgo In baptismum Christi oratio) - 39 In diem luminum
tlg2017.tlg015 In sanctum pascha (vulgo In Christi resurrectionem oratio iii) - 40 In sanctum Pascha
tlg2017.tlg016 De tridui inter mortem et resurrectionem domini nostri Jesu Christi spatio (vulgo In Christi resurrectionem oratio i) - 41 De tridui inter mortem et resurrectionem domini nostri Iesu Christi spatio
tlg2017.tlg017 In sanctum et salutare pascha (vulgo In Christi resurrectionem oratio iv) - 42 In sanctum et salutare Pascha
tlg2017.tlg018 In luciferam sanctam domini resurrectionem (vulgo In Christi resurrectionem oratio v) [Sp.] - 43 In luciferam sanctam domini resurrectionem
tlg2017.tlg019 In ascensionem Christi - 44 In ascensionem
tlg2017.tlg020 De deitate adversus Evagrium (vulgo In suam ordinationem) - 45 De deitate adversus Euagrium
tlg2017.tlg021 Oratio funebris in Meletium episcopum - 46 In Meletium
tlg2017.tlg022 Oratio consolatoria in Pulcheriam - 47 In Pulcheriam
tlg2017.tlg023 Oratio funebris in Flacillam imperatricem - 48 In Flacillam
tlg2017.tlg024 De instituto Christiano - 28 De instituto Christiano
tlg2017.tlg025 De professione Christiana ad Harmonium - 29 De professione Christiana
tlg2017.tlg026 De perfectione Christiana ad Olympium monachum - 30 De perfectione
tlg2017.tlg027 In inscriptiones Psalmorum - 21 In inscriptiones Psalmorum
tlg2017.tlg028 In sextum Psalmum - 22 In sextum Psalmum
tlg2017.tlg029 In Ecclesiasten (homiliae 8) - 23 In Ecclesiasten
tlg2017.tlg030 Contra Eunomium - 1 Contra Eunomium (liber I, II, III)
tlg2017.tlg031 Refutatio confessionis Eunomii - 2 Refutatio Confessionis Eunomii
tlg2017.tlg032 In Canticum canticorum (homiliae 15) - 24 In canticum canticorum
tlg2017.tlg033 Epistulae several letters 33 Epistulae
tlg2017.tlg034 De creatione hominis sermo primus [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg035 De creatione hominis sermo alter [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg036 De paradiso [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg037 De creatione hominis sermo primus (recensio C) [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg038 De creatione hominis sermo alter (recensio C) [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg039 De paradiso (recensio ΛF) [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg040 Encomium in sanctum Stephanum protomartyrem i - 51 In sanctum Stephanum I
tlg2017.tlg041 Vita sanctae Macrinae - 32 Vita Macrinae
tlg2017.tlg042 De vita Mosis - 25 De vita Moysis
tlg2017.tlg043 De virginitate - 31 De virginitate
tlg2017.tlg044 De virginitate (recensio altera) not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg046 Oratio catechetica magna alt. edition (Mühlenberg) as tlg2017.tlg088 16 Oratio catechetica
tlg2017.tlg047 De oratione dominica orationes v - 26 De oratione dominica
tlg2017.tlg048 In Basilium fratrem - 53 In Basilium fratrem
tlg2017.tlg049 Oratio in diem natalem Christi - 58 In diem natalem
tlg2017.tlg051 In annuntiationem [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg052 Inventio imaginis in Camulianis [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg053 Orationes viii de beatitudinibus - 27 De beatitudinibus
tlg2017.tlg055 Ad imaginem dei et ad similitudinem [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg056 Dialogus de anima et resurrectione - 15 De anima et resurrectione
tlg2017.tlg058 Testimonia adversus Judaeos [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg059 Adversus eos qui castigationes aegre ferunt - 60 Adversus eos qui castigationes aegre ferunt
tlg2017.tlg060 De iis qui baptismum differunt - 18 Adversus eos qui baptismum differunt
tlg2017.tlg061 Decem syllogismi contra Manichaeos [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg062 De deitate filii et spiritus sancti - 57 De deitate filii et spiritus sancti
tlg2017.tlg063 De spiritu sancto sive In pentecosten - 59 De spiritu sancto sive In Pentecosten
tlg2017.tlg064 Encomium in sanctum Stephanum protomartyrem ii - 52 In sanctum Stephanum II
tlg2017.tlg065 De sancto Theodoro - 50 De sancto Theodoro
tlg2017.tlg066 Encomium in xl martyres i GNO 55 is In XL Martyres Ib. I believe this is the second book of this work 54 and 55 In XL Martyres Ia
tlg2017.tlg067 Encomium in xl martyres ii - 56 In XL Martyres II
tlg2017.tlg068 In sanctum Ephraim not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg069 De vita Gregorii Thaumaturgi - 49 De vita Gregorii Thaumaturgi
tlg2017.tlg070 Epistula xxvi ad Evagrium monachum [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg071 Sermo in illud: Hic est filius meus dilectus (ap. Joannem Damascenum, Sacra parallela) (fragmenta) not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg072 Sermo in Mariam et Joseph (ap. Joannem Damascenum, Sacra parallela) (fragmentum) not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg073 De occursu domini [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg074 Tractatus ad Xenodorum (fragmentum) not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg075 Sermo in sanctum Romanum (ap. Joannem Damascenum, Sacra parallela) (fragmentum) not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg076 Epistula canonica ad Letoium - 17 Epistula canonica
tlg2017.tlg077 Liber de cognitione dei (= Θεογνωσία) (fragmenta ap. Euthymium Zigabenum, Panoplia dogmatica) [Sp.] not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg078 Apologia in hexaemeron - 19 Apologia in Hexaemeron
tlg2017.tlg079 De opificio hominis - 20 De hominis opificio
tlg2017.tlg080 Epistula ad Philippum monachum (ap. Joannem Damascenum, Contra Jacobitas) (fragmentum) not in GNO n/a n/a
tlg2017.tlg081 In illud: Tunc et ipse filius - 11 In illud: Tunc et ipse filius
tlg2017.tlg082 Contra fatum alt. edition (Bandini) as tlg2017.tlg089 12 Contra fatum
tlg2017.tlg083 De infantibus praemature abreptis - 13 De infantibus praemature abreptis
tlg2017.tlg084 De pythonissa ad Theodosium episcopum - 14 De Pythonissa

LGO Widget

The contents of the Lexicon of Gregory of Nyssa (LGO), a dictionary of Gregory of Nyssa's writings and terminology, has been added to Gregorii Nysseni Opera Omnia Online (GNOO) on Scholarly Editions. The contents is made accessible as a widget in the Reader. Users who have access to GNOO on SE will be able to use the widget.

LGO Widget How-to

The LGO Widget is a resource that is added to Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online on Brill Scholarly Editions.


LGO stands for Lexicon Gregorianum Online. It is a most comprehensive Greek-German dictionary of the language used by Gregory of Nyssa. It is an indispensable complement to Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online (GNOO), the authoritative edition of the complete works of the fourth-century Christian theologian Gregory of Nyssa. Far from being a simple word list, this seminal reference work documents Gregory's complete vocabulary, taking account of the syntax, meaning and connotations of every occurrence of a key word in his writings.

the widget - basics

The widget is located in the Reader of Brill Scholarly Editions. It sits in the right panel, below the citation widget.

For any GNOO text in the Reader, the LGO widget will display the lemmata it has for it. These are the headwords for any inflected forms as they may occur in the GNOO text.

Click on a lemma to display the LGO entry for that headword. LGO entries usually give the meaning of a word followed by illustrations of the word in context (i.e the works of Gregory of Nyssa). However, keep in mind that LGO entries can vary greatly in structure, size, and complexity. If a lemma consists of multiple sections, these are collapsible.

The section that contains an illustration of the meaning of the headword that corresponds to the GNOO passage that is open in the Reader will be opened by default.

Many of the illustrations contain hyperlinks. Click on them to go to the corresponding GNOO passage; it will open in the Reader.

the widget - advanced

It is possible to filter the headwords in the widget in those cases where many lemmata for a given (probably larger) number of passages are shown in the Reader.

Once an entry is selected, a menu will appear in the form of a small cogwheel. This gives the option to expand or collapse all sections of an entry. It can also toggle on and off the display of illustrations, with or without text, and with or without (clickable) GNOO references.