Brill Scholarly Editions uses CTS URNs to identify works and passages. CTS, or Canonical Text Services, is part of the CITE Architecture, developed by Christopher Blackwell and Neel Smith.

A CTS URN, such as urn:cts:latinLit:phi1212.phi002.apo-ed-lat1:1.1.1 has the following syntax:

  • urn: this specifies that the item is a URN
  • cts: this marks the item as a CTS URN
  • latinLit: this tag refers to the namespace, in this case Latin literature
  • phi1212.phi002.apo-ed-lat1: this segment contains information about (1) the text group, in this case Apuleius, (2) the work, in this case Metamorphoses (both the PHI identifier scheme), and (3) the version, in this case the Brill online publication of the first version of the Latin text edition
  • 1.1.1: this explains the structure of the work: in this case there are three levels of text, and this is the first section in the first chapter of the first book.

All URLS for works on Brill Scholarly Editions consist of a prefix followed by a CTS URN.

The prefix is Adding a CTS URN to this results in a URL like

All works on Brill Scholarly Editions are digitized in CTS compliant TEI XML, which can be downloaded from the Export passage widget in the right panel of the Viewer.