Brill Scholarly Editions is not just a site. It is part of a software ecosystem used for building rich reading environments. Examples include the new Perseus Digital Library, an open educational resource featuring a corpus of digital texts and deep-reading tools, Explore Homer which will bring together various levels of analysis of Homer, Hedera, an online vocabulary database and readability gauge for language teaching and learning, and the Kitab project that studies the formation and development of the written Arabic tradition with digital methods.

The ecosystem is intended to be a community effort and a highly extensible platform, with a growing library of widgets that integrate texts with various types of annotation and external APIs. Please go to the project website for more information. The GitHub repositories are all open (the code is open source under an MIT license). The best way to get involved is to join Slack and become familiar with the key repositories and Trello boards, tracking development.

The cover images of the publications have been designed by Lara Captan.