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We considered posting a list of inscriptions here: all inscriptions that are mentioned in the entries of Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online and that are published in one of the epigraphical text corpora.

However, it makes no sense to list, e.g.

I.Akoris_93SEG 48-1955
I.Akoris_98SEG 51-2092
I.Akoris_102SEG 60-1764
I.Akoris_107SEG 51-2092
I.Akoris_120SEG 63-1664

because it adds little to the Concordances facet in the Faceted search.

Nor does it make sense to list the full bibliographical data for I.Akoris - it is, in fact, É. Bernand, Inscriptions grecques et latines d’Akoris (Bibliothèque d’étude 103; Cairo 1988)- because this information is already contained in the list of abbreviations.