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Inscription types

In Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online, inscriptions are assigned a type.

For example, the inscription discussed in SEG 64-573 (republished in IG X 2.1s.1458) is of the type Epitaph.

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online uses a typology developed by Professor A. Chaniotis. This typology was introduced in volume 63. It replaces the older typology that consisted of four types only (Dedications, Epitaphs, Miscellaneous, and Public Documents).

The complete typology is given below. Where possible, types were matched with the types of inscription developed by the EAGLE Network. Only the eleven parent inscription types (set in boldface in the table below) are in use in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online at this moment. These are:

  • Christian Inscription
  • Dedication
  • Epitaph
  • Graffiti-Dipinti
  • Instrumenta domestica
  • Magical Texts
  • Mosaic Inscriptions
  • Private and semi-public inscriptions
  • Public documents
  • Religious Inscriptions
  • Varia-Incerta

Note that the term (or "label") Epitaph occurs twice. Once as a type in its own right, and once as a subtype ("child") of another type, Christian inscription. Searching for an inscription type in the Faceted search also yields (entries with) inscriptions with subtypes.

Public Documents
Treaty Public Documents
Delimitation Public Documents
Arbitration Public Documents
Law Public Documents
Edict Public Documents
Decree Public Documents
Honorary decree urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000001 Public Documents
Proxeny decree urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000002 Public Documents
Citizenship decree urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000003 Public Documents
Decree of deme urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000004 Public Documents
Regulation concerning the sale of a priesthood urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000005 Public Documents
Letter Public Documents
Letter of city urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000006 Public Documents
Letter of king Public Documents
Letter of Roman emperor Public Documents
Letter of Roman magistrate urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000007 Public Documents
Public subscription urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000008 Public Documents
Account Public Documents
Agonistic inscription/List of victors in a contest Public Documents
Oath Public Documents
List of magistrates/citizens Public Documents
Dikastic tablet (only in Athens) urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000009 Public Documents
Ostrakon for ostracism urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000010 Public Documents
Other public and semi-public inscriptions urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000011
Manumission record Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Endowment Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Decree of private association Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Statutes of association Other public and semi-public inscriptions
List of members of association urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000012 Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Contract Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Private letter Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Horos inscription Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Boundary marker Other public and semi-public inscriptions
List of names urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000013 Other public and semi-public inscriptions
Honorary inscription
Honorary epigram urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000014 Honorary inscription
Sculptor's signature Honorary inscription
Building inscription
Religious inscriptions
Cult regulation urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000015 Religious inscriptions
Oracle Religious inscriptions
Oracular inquiry urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000016 Religious inscriptions
Hymn Religious inscriptions
Aretalogy urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000017 Religious inscriptions
Healing miracle Religious inscriptions
Confession inscription urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000018 Religious inscriptions
Dedication (religious inscription) Religious inscriptions
Dedicatory epigram urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000019 Religious inscriptions
Proskunema Religious inscriptions
Funerary epigram seg_inscription_type_000051
Funerary imprecation urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000020 Funerary epigram
Dionysiac/Orphic tablet Funerary epigram
Magical texts
Curse tablet/Defixio Magical texts
Amulet,gem,phylactery Magical texts
Graffiti - Dipinti
Acclamation Graffiti - Dipinti
Topos inscription urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000021 Graffiti - Dipinti
Seat inscription Graffiti - Dipinti
Commemorative graffito urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000022 Graffiti - Dipinti
Obscene graffito urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000023 Graffiti - Dipinti
Rupestral graffito urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000024 Graffiti - Dipinti
Graffito/dipinto on wall urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000025 Graffiti - Dipinti
Graffito/dipinto on vase urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000026 Graffiti - Dipinti
Mason's mark Graffiti - Dipinti
Instrumenta domestica
Weight urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000027 Instrumenta domestica
Sling bullet urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000028 Instrumenta domestica
Amphora stamp urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000029 Instrumenta domestica
Stamped tile urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000030 Instrumenta domestica
Signature/Inscription on lamp urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000031 Instrumenta domestica
Inscription on glass urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000032 Instrumenta domestica
Other inscribed objects Instrumenta domestica
Sundial Instrumenta domestica
Sealing urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000034 Instrumenta domestica
Mosaic inscription
Label urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000035 Mosaic inscription
Dedication (mosaic inscription) urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000036 Mosaic inscription
Christian inscription
Mosaic inscription urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000037 Christian inscription
Building inscription urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000038 Christian inscription
Psalm quotation urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000039 Christian inscription
Invocation Christian inscription
Prayer Christian inscription
Dedication (Christian inscription) urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000040 Christian inscription
Epitaph urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000041 Christian inscription
Instrumenta domestica (e.g. bread stamp) urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000042 Christian inscription
Varia - Incerta
Literary quotation Varia - Incerta
Astronomical text urn:cite:brill:inscriptionType:0000043 Varia - Incerta