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Preface to Brill's New Jacoby

Brill's New Jacoby

Editor in Chief: Ian Worthington (University of Missouri)

Editors: E.M. Carawan (Missouri State); K. Dowden (Birmingham); J. Engels (Köln); Andrew Erskine (Edinburgh); R. Fowler (Bristol); Nigel Kennell (UBC); Nicholas Jones (Pittsburgh); Amélie Kuhrt (London); Peter Liddel (Manchester); J. Roisman (Colby College); Matthew Roller (Johns Hopkins); J. Sickinger (Florida State)

Advisory Editors: A.B. Bosworth (Western Australia); P.J. Rhodes (Durham)

Notes for readers

Ian Worthington

In the ancient texts for each entry, editions of works are cited for the most part by only the names of editors since the people most likely to consult the texts are professional scholars and graduate students. In the commentaries, names of editors and titles of editions and the like are given in full for those who may be reading these sources for the first time and need more detailed publication information. Common reference works are abbreviated (e.g. RE, OCD), and should be easily recognizable.

The decision to transliterate Greek names (with the exception of those that in their transliterated form are not instantly recognizable, e.g. Thucydides, Plutarch, Athens) was made by Brill to follow Jacoby's practice.

BNJ uses the same numbering system as Jacoby. Historians referred to in the edition of Brill's New Jacoby will have their number preceded by BNJ; those in the edition of Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker will have their number preceded by FGrH. Readers will need to consult Jacoby's text and/or commentary in these instances.

In a large-scale project such as this, there are bound to be teething problems with at least the first batch of authors; for example, inconsistencies in referencing, typing errors, and technical problems. The readers' indulgence is craved. Please contact Brill (Jacoby@Brill.com) with anything you see that is not technical so that corrections can be made online. General comments are also welcomed. For technical problems and questions only, please email Brill at: support@brill.nl.

Ian Worthington

University of Missouri

December, 2006